New Challenge.

Quickly list five things you'd like to change in your life.  Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.  (Challenge One from Writing 101)

What a challenge.  I pondered momentarily, drifted into a semi-dream state, and quickly decided that the five things I would like to change in my life are as follows.

1)      Get Younger.  Without some sort of alien intervention it will not come true - but I'd like to "lose" 15 years, and go back to around 55 years of age.

2)      Gain confidence with my Writing - I have been writing for years with only minimal success, however, I believe that I am on the cusp of something exciting and positive resulting from my wars with words over the years.

3)      Feed the Travel Bug - My recent travel adventures have injected me with further enthusiasm for exploring more countries of the world.   Travel planning will become a key component of the changes I would like to make in my life.

4)     Improve Family Relationships - While not having any particular challenging relationships, I would like to spend more time with my only sister, my own children and their families.  Time and distance creates a few difficulties - but it certainly would be good to foster better/closer relationships with them all.

5)     Give Money and Not Time to community organisations - At the moment I contribute to several community organisations, but would like to be able to step back from the hack work - and have the financial resources to give them money to enable them to achieve more of their goals.

A Day in My New Life

The rooster crows at 6 am.  It makes me laugh as it is the alarm on my Samsung Tablet that annoys me on the odd occasion I use it, but I haven't bothered to change it.  It does wake me up and it does make me laugh.

I quickly dress into my fitness gear and head quickly out the front gate and along the street to the park at the corner, and I turn right, up the path which leads to the steps down to the beach.  It is low tide and the early morning sun reflects in the pools of seawater left as the high tide retreated some hours earlier.  It is the sight that always inspires me, makes me love the place where I have chosen to live here by the sea and not far from the river.

With the tide out there's sand to walk on, though some days I have to pick my way around the pools left behind and the many fish holes, where I think some lazy flathead has the previous night nested hoping something tasty would swim by for it to easily catch and feast on.  I head north, as the sun creeps higher in the sky, and I walk on to the boat ramp which is seldom used as a newer ramp is easier to launch a boat.  Cautiously I walk up the ramp to the road, wary least I slip on the bitumen made slippery by the seaweed cast upon it by the previous night's high tide and blustery wind.

Back onto the walk way I make my way back to my front gate, enter, and smile seeing my cleaning lady's car parked nearby.  My house will be cleaned - allowing me to make a coffee and head straight to my studio.  The telephone rings and I answer it.  It is my agent confirming details for the event at which I am to speak in Sydney tonight.  "Yes, I am all ready, thank you.  Yes, thank you for sending the books.  All is well.  Thank you.  'Bye"

The front bell rings - we say "ring" but it is a tune of an old song that makes me recall my childhood days.  It is the caterer.  The family is coming today - lunch on the deck overlooking the sea.  My children and their children and my sister who has been staying with me, before spending some time with my families.  She brings her suitcase to the front door, and my son carries it over the threshold and leaves it out of the way behind the lounge suite as we make our way out to the deck.

The children head for the lawn but are called back - there's food to be eaten, and they need to sit down with us all.  Ten of us - chatting, marvelling about the table setting, the floral display on the table and the food as it arrives.  "Thanks Jenny, you are a wonder".  In the background is the music of my son, who smiles when he realises that we are again, playing his latest CD.

As the food is eaten, and the plates are emptied Jenny does what I pay her to do - she discreetly removes the unwanted plates and utensils, and returns with more plates and more food.  The children, appetites sated, they head off for the lawn, and then the beach.  "Can we take our shoes off and go in the sand?" they ask.  "Yes, but don't get wet or dirty" say the parents in chorus.

The chatting continues with the adults at the table, and after the desserts are eaten, He the musician stands, having ensured that everyone has a full glass of champagne.  "A toast to Mum."  As the glasses clink he adds "Good luck with your speaking engagement tonight in Sydney, and good luck with your travels.  May you and your sister have a wonderful adventure!"  Glasses clink again, before they sit down.

Shortly afterwards, the children are called in - it is time to go.  The door bell announces the arrival of the chauffeur, and the two senior ladies follow the others out of the house.  Jenny is cleaning up, the chaos at the table, and assuring me that all will be well.  She will be house sitting while I am away - enjoying my house, the beach and all that the location allows.  She loves fishing and looks forward to testing the waters around here.

I am almost into the car, my sister sits waiting and watching me, but I do a quick u-turn and return to Jenny, and hand her four envelopes.  "Can you post them tomorrow for me please, Jenny?"  "Yes, no problem" she responded.

I get in the car, ready for the next chapter of my life's adventure.  Sydney, then on to London and Europe.

"See you in four months" I call as the limousine slowly moves towards the gate.  "Bye" I wave.

ps  My Critical Friend was on TV - read about it here.


peter petterson said…
Well done. Keep up the exercise. Interesting ideas Di.Any books in the pipeline?

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