The Rocks at Sydney

My next stop (on the bus - The Sydney Explorer where you can get on and off at the many stops) was The Rocks area of Sydney.  Now I had been here on several occasions in the past, and I was thrilled to go again.  I wandered into the Ken Done Gallery, and  noted the Ken Duncan Gallery, and walked through the food market.  I found a great button shop (with antique and new buttons) in the Nurses' Walk area of the Rocks.  I wandered back and forth, took photos, but just enjoyed the sights and sounds.  There were great queues for food in the markets and some great food - though I only bought some wonderful dried fruits.

Cadman's Cottage is right there - and I was impressed to see school children all dressed ready to visit the Cottage.

The food markets

Water feature
I walked around reading the information on the buildings and visiting some shops.  I went into one shop where a Frenchman Louis Cardini sells his wonderful leather goods.  I was in awe.  Sadly, apart from the fact that I was not out "shopping" the prices were above my budget, but Louis was a delight to meet and he clearly is so proud of his amazing work.

I walked on back along George Street to the Pensione Hotel - planning to go out again later, but in the end I decided to rest my worn out feet and legs.


Margaret Blade said…
Sydney is indeed a fabulous place to visit. Our younger daughter Nicole moved to Melbourne in March and we visited her last weekend - she was very keen to show us the city's attributes and sway us from our Sydney 'bias'. I must say my view of Melbourne is improving...

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