The Chinese Gardens of Friendship

On my last day in Sydney I walked to Darling Harbour from the Pensione Hotel - really only a 10 minute walk - to the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. Oh, I am so glad I did.  It is only $6 for adults to go in and as I was looking for the money in my purse the lady behind the counter caught sight of my Concession Card and told me I only had to pay $3.  Bargain!!!  Well worth the full price and much more.

I have only recently been in Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai and have over the years visited several other Chinese gardens in China and generally enjoy them all, but this one is the best I have seen. Perhaps because of its large size and despite being right in the middle of Sydney, it didn't seem as crowded as others I have visited.  The photos show that it certainly has high rise buildings surrounding it - but it is not only beautiful but peaceful - with the only sound being the birds (and there are many), and the waterfalls and other water features.

Entrance to the Chinese Garden

I wandered around with my Samsung Camera (it was threatening rain when I left the hotel so chose to just use the smaller camera.)

Everywhere there was signs explaining the various aspects of the garden.  The tea garden/cafe is behind the entrance but I found it and had a coffee and Chinese pastries, before heading out for more exploration of Darling Harbour.


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