Sydney Markets

I was so blessed to have chosen Pensione Hotel in George St, Sydney to stay in - it was a stroke of genius actually, and I am most likely to choose to stay there when/if I go to Sydney again.  It is just so convenient to everything and I am a great fan of the Pensione Hotel in Melbourne too.

The room on the third floor was all I could ask for - it was quiet, despite looking over busy George Street - I was one of the first dropped off by the shuttle and one of the last picked up - for me a bonus as I have a history of car sickness so less time in a vehicle going "round and round" saves me from great embarrassment!  Unlike the Melbourne counterpart there was no coffee lounge/cafe on site, but right in the midst of Chinatown, and busy George Street with all the eateries, it was not an issue.

I didn't have to spend a lot on meals - but chose a variety of places including a Korean cafe, Chinese, French Bakery etc.  and enjoyed a great steak at Tokio Hotel at Darling Harbour!  None of which "broke my budget."

It was a good walk into Circular Quay - and my Fitbit was pleased with my efforts - praising me for going well over my target.

On the first day I did find the markets - Paddy's Market was downstairs and I wandered around exploring the items there - only buying one small thing, which I will reveal at some later stage. Upstairs above Paddy's it felt like being back in China again - many Chinese shops, and a great food court.

There was a brilliant Umbrella display - and I am so thrilled with my photos.

Walking around the Chinatown area was interesting.  Perhaps I can say again, that it did feel a little like walking around China - though much cleaner.

Again more protests and information about Human Rights in China.  I met a Chinese man, who told me that he was born in mainland China 74 years ago, and as he had graduated from university he was persecuted.  He did not explain.  However, he managed to escape and came to Australia.  He is very worried about the future of China.  Had an interesting chat with him.

I found a few retaurants - hot pot and Korean BBQ - that I might visit when I return.  Great place and so near my hotel.

I did consider going to the movies, and went to the Events theatre along George Street.  I have never had to pay $39.90 to attend a movie and won't be starting any time soon - Concessions?  Start at 1 pm.  Sorry.  Glad I didn't go, though I do look forward to seeing the movie "The Hundred Foot Journey" at Bribie Twin Theatre, where I pay less than $10!!!


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