Oh, to lose weight!!

I have actually over the last few months lost a few kilos, but I have a greater goal - to lose 30 kgs.  Mmm.  When I went to a dietician recently she said something like "well, that's not going to happen."  Grrrr.  So encouraging.

So I started walking.  Walking has been a challenge to me as I have a knee that "gives way" on me from time to time, so I don't like walking alone.  How can I get back home if I am struck by my kneemonia while out on my own.  But walking with someone is a problem - most of the people I have walked with don't like walking as slow as I had been walking.

Still, I am setting out to prove the dietician wrong.  I didn't go back for my second visit.  I started off trying to walk longer distances and I kept a record of it on my mobile phone using a program called S-Health.  Which is good, but I don't always carry my mobile phone and I don't always have pockets so it has dropped a few times.  There's got to be a better way.

A week or so ago I found Fitbit and with a little trepidation bought one online.  I see it varies in price from about $50 to $140 - and the one I bought was towards the lower end of the price range and it came within a couple of days.  Instructions on setting up are online, and not too much of a problem to do, though I haven't worked out the sleep process properly yet.

Already today I have walked 11,000 steps - along the beach, in a sporting park nearby, and this morning walked to get the Courier Mail.    I am not a great fan of the Courier these days, but do get it on Saturdays as I like QWeekend, and I am collecting the obituaries in the Saturday papers.

I am imprssed so far with the Fitbit, especially as I only have to find the App on my phone to check my progress and am going great guns.  Weight?  Mmmm.  Slowly going down, but a long way to go.

The Fitbit sits on the wrist and I can wear it 24/7, though will need to charge the battery about every 5 days - can even wear it in the shower.  So it is on me 24/7, and I have found it easy to record my food/drink.  Early days, but so far I am loving it.


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