My Yarnbombing

At least one day a week I find myself at the Caboolture Historical Village - and today (August 5th) was one of those days.  On my way I bought some cable ties at Gone Bonkers at Beachmere and with my bag of knitting and crocheting I set out to do some Yarnbombing at the Village.   I had spoken about this weird form of graffiti but few of the other volunteers and visitors knew what I was talking about - so chose to do some myself.

So I took my bag of "tools" and "crafts" and set out to decorate a tree - much to the amusement of the other volunteers.  It sure caused some interest.

I happily wound my knitting and crocheting around the tree and held it in place with my cable ties.

I was quite pleased with my efforts!!!

As I am trying to walk 10,000 steps a day I set off for a walk around the Village.  It was cold and walking in the sun kept me warm and I took a few other photos as well.  I recall volunteers working on the construction of this new building which I am sure will be used for weddings or small family ceremonies.

Something new in the village 
I was most surprised to see the Military Museum with its doors open as it had been closed for a while last year.  Apparently it had been re opened earlier this year but I did not know.   I didnt spend a lot of time there, but will go back again later and have a closer look.  There are so many things to see there.

Military Museum
It is an awesome exhibit and I am so pleased to see it open.


peter petterson said…
Keeping yourself busy. How was China?

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