My Birthday Holiday to Sydney

Back a few months ago I planned to celebrate my birthday with a trip somewhere.  I thought of Tasmania (I have never been there), Darwin (I have been but would like to spend more time there) but in the end I chose Sydney.

We lived here on two occasions many years agao - but each time it was with small children so I had little chance to see all around.  Some years later with my daughter and granddaughter we came back for a few days.  I wanted to have a good look around!!!

And so it was that I flew here yesterday (Wednesday 20th August) - caught a shuttle to the hotel (Pensione Hotel) and after booking in, went for a walk around the area.  I booked at the Pensione because I like the Melbourne Hotel of the same name, and when I saw it on the map I realised it was within walking distance of many great places here.

On my first day I went to the markets - Paddy's - nearby, and had a wonderful time wandering around in and out of shops etc.  

Today (Thursday 21st) I walked right into the city - in fact to Circular Quay and caught a ferry to Manly.  I had a giggle to myself - it cost only $2.50 return - there are benefits in getting older!!!

Walking on Circular Quay

Passing the iconic Opera House

A bit further away

Manly Wharf

After arriving at the Manly Wharf I walked along the Corso to the sea and sat for a while.  The sun ws shining and it was a delight.  

I don't recall that I have every walked through the Corso in my previous visits to Sydney and Manly - at least I have no memories of it.  

It was a lovely day really - well, at least when I was in Manly.  I did pop into a few shops but didn't buy anything.  I just wandered exploring.  

Inside St Matthews Anglican Church at Manly


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