Movie - The 100 Foot Journey

When in Sydney I set out to see this film one wet and windy day, but learned that it would cost me nearly $40 to do so - instead I enjoyed more of the sights of Sydney and was pleased I did.

Today I went to the Bribie Island Twin movie theatre - a funny little building halfway between Bongaree and Woorim, and for a whole $7.50 I saw the movie.  I didn't know a lot about it but as I am so impressed with Helen Mirren's work, that was enough for me.

I am so glad I did - if one reads the reviews of the movie it doesn't get a very high rating - comparing it with other recent movies about food - but since I don't recall seeing the ones mentioned I can't compare.  I loved this movie.  A relatively simple story that's for sure as it is not hard to guess the likely outcome - the war between the two restaurants and the love story - but it was not "bland" for me as described by reviewers.

I loved the photography - especially the close ups of some of the food - and it did make one keen to return home and create something special. (Still thinking about what I will do - though I did have omelette for lunch with chili in it!)

I certainly enjoyed the whole movie - and would give it 10/10!!!

Here's a taste from Youtube.

Helen Mirren - how could one criticise her work?  She is a great actress and she certainly did well with this role.


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