English Conversation Progam in China

Chinese students need more “conversation” experience – which is why a university in Shaoxing is considering a new program where native English speakers visit the university and spend time speaking with students.  It may be that a formal program will be developed (more information on that later), but initially I am interested to find anyone interested in participating in the program.  While ESL experience is welcome, it is not necessary – just the ability to converse on a range of topics which may include general health, public speaking, creative writing and other topics.  

Read about Shaoxing here.  (It is roughly south of Shanghai)

Participants will need to pay their own transport costs to and from the university, their own Visa and travel insurance – but will be offered free accommodation and meals on the campus.  It will enable you to explore China on the 3 or so days when you will not be required on campus.  Similar programs operate in parts of Europe.  The city is a very interesting historical place and has many interesting places of interest and is not far from Shanghai and Hangzhou.  It is possible to visit places like Xi’an or Beijing for a weekend or before or after the program. 

There is a possibility of a trial run of the program in October/November, and then in April/May 2015.

(Travel, Visa and Travel Insurance would be approximately $A2,000.)

Also they are keen to hear from anyone who wishes to teach English at the university – however, to be considered for this you need to be under 60 years of age (Chinese government  requirement apparently, and have a university degree.)  Semesters start in September and February and 6 or 12 month contracts are available.

If you or anyone you know is interested please send me a message or leave a comment, explaining which program you would be interested in, and when, and I will send further information.  


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