Day Two of my Hop On Hop Off Bus (Sydney Explorer) Tour

I am sure I have mentioned that I prefer to start the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour around midday on day one, and complete the tour on day two.  Otherwise it is difficult to fit much in - and even so I didn't manage to do all I wanted.  There is so quick brekky at a place on George St, and walked to the Town Hall bus stop - just in time to catch the bus.

I had two places I wanted to visit on this leg of my journey - one was the Sydney Opera House and the other was The Rocks area.

Along the journey to the Opera House I watched as so many places passed hat I wish I had time to stop and see.  (Maybe I will have to go again another time....)

We were soon at the Opera House.  I recall when it was opened on October 1973 - we were living in Sydney and we went somewhere in the hills so that we could see the fireworks.  It was some distance from the Opera House but I do recall seeing them.  But I was no to visit this great icon - until this visit to Sydney.

I walked around the perimeter of this amazing building - with camera in hand (working overtime of course.)  These are just some of the photos.

After circumnavigating the complex, I went down "under" and had a coffee and a wonderful citrus tart.

The seagulls are friendly!

It is here that many of the buses drop off visitors/tourists, especially those from China - where there is a constant protest
about issues in China - from fulong gong, to the secrecy of China's Communist Government.

Water drips down the rock wall - managed to catch a drop.

The Hop on Hop off bus.


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