Beachmere Protest

A former mayor of the area says it was the biggest meetingin Beachmere that she can recall.  The locals arrived in force at teh Beachmere school for a meeting to discuss the Draft Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme which has the locals "up in arms".

The draft plan was only released recently and the time for consultation with the locals ends on August 15th, but there has been little or no consultation.  The local councillor has been off sick for some time, and some locals have met with the local council, but there are still concerns.

It is essentially about the flood risk - and a huge area of Beachmere which has been listed as high flood risk area - places that have never seen flood.  In these areas people who have property, or who will purchse property will be very limited in what they can do with the property as essentially any new buildings or developments will not be given approval.

In "my" street - some of the houses are in a high flood risk area - but as I write this building is proceeding with houses - in fact five or six new houses are being built in the street at the moment (? a rush by developers to complete the buildings before the new regulations come into being).  Why would anyone want to buy (or rent) in an area which is listed as high flood risk?

If it goes ahead without changes - Beachmere is in big trouble.  No one will want to move here - and locals will be restricted.

The strange thing is that much of the area listed as high risk flood has not flooded before - certainly old time residents cannot recall any such flooding.  There is low lying swampy area which floods and on rare occasions when there is heavy rain and high tides some areas have flooded, but in general it is not a problem.

Beachmere needs more development - not less - for its future - so this is causing great concern.


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