Beachmere - a Hidden Gem.

It is around 50 kms north of the CBD of Brisbane, but when you are in the seaside township of Beachmere you could be worlds away from civilisation.  Driving along the fairly narrow Beachmere Road from the M1 to Beachmere it is hard to believe that the city is so close - for there are horses, cows and goats on both sides of the road.  You get to feel like you are really in the country.

The Caboolture River does a few lazy twists and turns and makes itself visible along Beachmere Road, and at the moment it looks to be a mecca for fisherfolk who are there most days, especially at high tide.

The village of Beachmere - the shopping area is more than adequate for the locals - with a tavern, an IGA, a BP Servo, and a range of other stores as well.  Pretty well catered for  but it is not far to Caboolture and Morayfield and more shops if you want.

The beach is hidden too - though access is from a small park at the end of Beachmere Road, with  recently built stair down to the beach.  A great place for children to play in the sand.  At high tide the water laps at the endge of the white sand, but at low tide there are many shallow pools of seawater and if you are there at the right time millions of tiny soldier crabs run hither and thither along the edges of the pools, and if frightened talk little time going in circles digging their way into a hiding spot below the sand.

The birdlife on the water front is interesting - not only seagulls, but an array of other birds wandering through the shallows in search of food.  As the seawater retreats it leaves amazing patterns in the sand.

One can walk along the beach (to the left of the stairs) at most times, but at high tide there's a few big pools that need negotiating if you wish to walk to the right.

At the end of Moreton Terrace there is a park (complete with BBQ, and toilet block as well as a dog park - but many folk choose to go there at low tide and let the dogs run on the sand and in the water.

These photos were taken at low tide around 4 pm on August 10th, 2014.  Just beautiful.

At the end of Moreton Terrace

Horses enjoying a swim

Swamp at the end of Moreton Tce


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