I recall visiting this place on one of my previous visits.  It is a new development - well it was a couple of years ago, in an old area.  It was transformed into a modern "lifestyle area" with many restaurants, upmarket shops etc.

When I was there once before we caught a taxi from Xiantandi to a friend's home - and she knew the usual price of the taxi ride,  and when she noticed his meter wasn't on she challenged the driver and he gave an inflated price for the trip.  She argued - and he did a u-turn and took us back to the Xiantandi area, and we jumped out at traffic lights.  Had to get another taxi - one with the meter going and we paid the correct price!!!

This visit was with my sister in May 2014 - just a few weeks ago.  I did not that the trees have grown, though of course they would have been mature trees when I was last there.

There are many places to eat and a wide variety of shops to visit in the area - well worth more than one visit especially if you wish to try out the restaurants which were excellent.

It is one of the "must see" places when you visit Shanghai.


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