Supermarkets in China

As you would imagine there are all sorts of supermarkets in China - some are small like a corner store with a limited range of food and drink, sometimes with takeaways and others are huge.

In Shanghai we visited a couple of the smaller stores - we didn't always eat in restaurants or cafes, and bought fruit and drinks (usually water or ice tea).

However we found two great supermarkets - one in Marks and Spencer overlooking the People's Square in Shanghai, which had quite a range of English items - biscuits, cakes breads etc, and a wall of frozen "Pommie" foods - but it would not be the place to do a large shop for the household.
Mind you, adjacent to the above was a lovely cafe/coffee shop - which we did manage to dine at - and it was a great experience.

However, in our wanderings we found something awesome - I would rate it the BEST SUPERMARKET EVER!!!!

We wandered around in awe at the amazing way the supermarket was set up, with little "shops" within the store - but all part of the supermarket.  The range of foods was awesome, and so well displayed.  Not in the boring row upon row of foods like an Aussie supermarket or some of the major supermarkets in China.

There are CitySuper stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

I will return!!!


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