There is so much to see around Shanghai - one could spend a few weeks and complete exhausting tours around the area and still not see all.  Most people will see Nanjing Walking Street (we would call it a "mall" - most of the street is for pedestrians (and touts, etc) - from the People's Square corner almost all the way to the Bund.  There is a roadway for the last part - though when it is busy, it must be difficult for cars and buses trying to navigate this area.

We used the Hop on Hop Off Bus to see some of the sights - there were three routes.  It was amusing to see George Clooney looming large on huge screens.  A very popular face for Omega.

This poor lad was busy trying to entice people into the store!!!  

In the Walking Street
The pollution was very heavy when we were there - though probably no worse than it is most days, and it was hard to see the buildings on the other side of the Pudong River.  I certainly noticed changes from when I was there last time in 2010 - now one does not have to  go under the road to get over to Bund - and I couldn't see the statue of Chairman Mao which was there in 2010.   There's been quite a lot of development along the Bund.

View from our hotel window.

What?  George Clooney?  His face was on several large displays!
So many of the major retain names are now in Shanghai - quite a change from a few years ago.  It has grown to be a modern worldy city - and there are visitors from all around the world.  There are several reasonably priced hotels near Nanjing Road - we stayed at the New Harbour Service Apartments which are not far from Nanjing Road.  I stayed there twice on this occasion - on the way to Shaoxing and on the night before my return flight.  Guests are not given much information, and I saw no mention of the restaurant, which I went to on my last night to find I was the only diner!!!

Peace dove in the People's Square

In the People's Square

In the Museum

In the Museum
I am looking foward to going back  - there are some places that I must see again!!!


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