Life at Beachmere

I often laugh as I have to explain where Beachmere is.  It is a tiny spot on the map and as it is a destination not a place you go through on the way to somewhere else, it is almost hidden.

On the Beachmere Blog it says:

Beachmere is a township at the mouth of the Caboolture River where it enters Moreton Bay, 38 km north of Brisbane. Positioned on a small peninsula formed by the river and the bay, Beachmere was somewhat inaccessible, and was mainly a fishing community. When first settled by Europeans, Beachmere's access road could be impassable during flood time. Population: 3,888 (2011). 'Beachmere' means a beach upon marshy ground. Beachmere occupies land belonging to the Indigenous Gubi Gubi people

I "found" it a couple of years ago and was impressed by the peace and tranquility of the place.  Not a huge population, though I suspect bigger than is recorded above.  Having lived on what was a quiet road when we moved in, and later became a popular and noisy through road, I longed to live in a place where the traffic noise was non existent.  I found it here.

There's not much at Beachmere - a handfull of shops, a tavern, an IGA, a bowling club, some lovely parks, and the beach.  Not too far away is the river - so it is a boaties paradise I think.

I have reported on my fishing exploits here before, well, crabbing.  I have not "wet a line" for a while.

One of my joys (and there are really many around here) is walking on the beach front.  There's a lovely sandy beach (even at high tide there's room for beach games etc), but plenty of places to walk along the foreshore.   The sand is ok to walk on, and only in some rare places do you get tat "sinking" feeling with soft sand.

Yesterday I went for a walk, and these are photos taken in two places - at the end of Beachmere Road, and at the River.

There are usually (as there were on this day) thousands/millions of tiny soldier crabs running around the sand. Fun for the children to try and catch.

At the top of Beachmere Road, there's a great childrens playground, plenty of seats for those who want to picnic and also some BBQ's.  And it is not far from a new Cafe on Biggs Ave.

Low tide - Moreton Island in the distance

Looking left

Towards Scarborough

From the stairs to the beach at the end of Beachmere Road
 I often walk to the Caboolture River - there are boats everywhere and folk trying t catch fish from the banks of the river or on the small jetty.  Usually there are a few pelican around looking for a feed.

Another boat ramp is on the other side of the river.

Along the river bank.


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