Is this the World's Biggest Baby?

It was a busy few days in Singapore - as we tried to fit in all there is to see in the short time we had there.

We went to Marina Bay Sands to see the extra ordinary building that has everone talking - it is a most remarkable feat of engineering and such an amazing sight.   We walked through the busy foyers and paid to go right up the top to see the view over Singapore.

The view was quite spectacular!!!  We walked around and took photos and marvelled at the sight below and beyond.

Gardens by the Bay

After we had "taken in" all we could, we went back downstairs - I might add that everyone has a photo taken, but when my sister and I looked at it, we chose not to buy it.  We didn't like it at all - neither of us like having a photo taken!

We had a good look around, and then set off on foot for the Gardens By the Bay.  It is a pleasant walk, and so much to see too.  The gardens are wonderful, and around every corner there is something new to see.

We will have to go back as we didn't make it into the huge conservatories, but we did catch a little shuttle around the gardens - and I would HIGHLY recommend this as there is commentary to explain much of the things that we passed, but there really is so much to see.

The view back to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was awesome, and the gardens - so much to see. The tall gardens with, amazingly, restaurants at the top, were amazing.  I think if you don't do a tour on the shuttle, you have little idea what is there.  A must do!

The baby?  From the Huffington Post "Singapore, 18 January 2013 - Planet, a giant sculpture of a sleeping baby by internationally acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn, was unveiled at a ceremony at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore this evening. The sculpture has been donated for permanent display at the Gardens by Mr and Mrs Putra and Imelda Masagung."

There are many more images of the baby and the gardens here.

There are over 40 artworks throughout the gardens.  So go visit, and take your camera.


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