I think I have always had an interest in history - as much I think because I am a descendant of the Ragless family of South Australia.  My mother was born Ida Joyce Ragless - when she died a few weeks ago on June 6th, she was the last of her generation.

I was doing a little research on the family and found a brochure giving details of a walk around St Mary's in Adelaide, which includes a little about the family who settled in the area in 1869.  I remember visiting the Tonsley farm as a little girl.  The brochure is here.

Maybe it was my interest in history that enticed me to work as a volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village - where I spend one or more days a week.

Last weekend the Caboolture Gem Club which operates out of the Village, had a Gem Fest.  One of the exhibits that was from the Queensland Museum - the Patron of the Gem Club is associated with the Museum - if I recall correctly he is a Paleontologist and Geologist, as a well as a Gemologist.  (I hope I have that right)

What amazed me is that the stone in the cabinet (and I apologise for the quality of the photo as it is behind glass) is that the stone is 1650 million years old, one of the oldest fossils found in Australia.  Amazing to think about it.  It is a stromatolite.   It is on display at the Caboolture Historical Village for the next couple of weeks.

There are other ancient rocks on display too - just inside the entrance of the Village.

History is amazing - and the things I see and learn working in the village constantly impress me.  We have over 100 dedicated volunteers who spend many hours working, clearning, reparing, showing, and educating the many visitors to the Village.


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