My volunteering at the Caboolture Historical Village takes me on many adventures and another is dressing up for QUEDEX - details here.

A great place to promote the Village to the teachers who attended the Expo to learn more about the many resources for teachers.

I was impressed with the venue - the revamped old show pab pavilion is now a great Royal International Convention Centre - really a smart looking building that does justice I think to the history of the building.


Dave Riley said…
Just a bit of input re BEACHMERE..I reckon that what's needed isn't so much a printed news -letter/paper but an almanac/directory...which draws folk into the online options.Annual. Every six months?
You throw in a few essays --musings -- get the commercial sponsorships to pay for the print run.,,and distribute via a few - it would be most -- outlets.
If you could get the incomings you do photo galleries too via the option of better quality glossy printing..
Di Hill said…
I will call you to talk about this Dave. Thanks for your comment/input. D

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