Stress and Travel causes Chaos in the Brain.

I made it safely to Adelaide - and found my sister waiting for me at the airport.  We headed to her place and enjoyed a cup of coffee and shared some tears as we talked about Mum and her last days.

Her car boot was full of plastic bags of the last goods and chattels of one Joyce Watson - it was a weird sensation going through her stuff.  The nursing home had filled the bags with her things and we went through them and decided that all must be given to the Salvo's.  They were all clean and there were some wearable items so we hope that someone who needs them will get them.  We drove down to the Salvo's on Brighton Road, Brighton and pushed them into the big bins before driving to the seafront and sitting and talking for a while.

The sun was out, though it was pretty cold, but it was warm in the car and we watched those fol with dogs walk them along the beachfront, and watched the seagulls and sparrows flitting about.

It was nearly lunch time so we walked to Jetty Road and bought some pastries from the popular baker there, and went back to the car and ate while continuing to watch the scenery.  There were many people there - and the sea was so calm.  It is quite beautiful there - high tide, but plenty of sand for walkers, and dogs to run on.

We talked about the funeral, and made plans for the following day when the Funeral Celebrant was to visit.

I remember feeling like I had orgnaised a few things in advance but I brought the wrong USB stick with me in all the stress, but managed to find  a few good photos for the service.

Yesterday the Funeral Celebrant came and we organised the service.  When Dad died just under four years ago there were many at the service, but sadly Mum's service is not going to have such a big attendance.  Some family members just can't get to Adelaide, and all of Mum's siblings have passed, and she's outlived most of her friends.  When you make it to nearly 99 there are not many left!!!

Still, we will do our best to give her a good send off.

My sister and I are still trying to recover from our travels to China - although she came back earlier than me, she has had the stress of dealing with Mum's demise, and other family events.  As well she went straight back to work.  We spoke last night of our "discombobulation" - how we look forward to live returning to "normal" at some stage.

That's life!!!


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