Life is Returning to Normal - I hope!!!

After the travel and dramas of the last few weeks, I feel if I am coming out at the other end of the tunnel.  I have a few things to do around the house - am still putting things away after I unpacked, and I have had some additional challenges - ants eating the grout  between the tiles near the front door and at the ensuite door.  The tiny ants are a curse and my neighbours have problems with them and spiders that seem to have taken over my unit while I was away.  The "daddy long legs" spiders had made themselves at home (without my to spray, swipe them on a regular basis) and I am told there is an infestation of red backs - even probably behind my bed.

Tomorrow morning the pest man is due to spray the evil unwelcome visitors, and during the week Tim the Maintenance Man will arrive to replace the grout and with any luck the brick that I have been asking to be replace for the last year!!!

But I am over the cold - though still coughing madly at times, especially when I have been talking, and this week have a couple of things to do that will get me out of the house.

Still I did manage to do some things last week, despite my misery and cough, and one of thos was to visit the other side of the Caboolture River.  It's funny - I am often down at the boat ramp on the Beachmere side of the river, and I can see another boat ramp across the water, and my curiosity got to me in the end and as I was headed south one day last week, I chose to veer left and explore.

It is quite a pretty place - the tide was out, pelicans were there hoping for a feed and there were cars and trailers in the park so I guess a few blokes were out fishing.  There's no picnicing area to speak of - it is truly just a boat ramp, with some birds hoping for a feed.

Looking towards Deception Bay
The road to ramp would be great to live on - acreage lots, though close to a Gun Club, so probably best for those who don't mind gunshots on club days.  I hear them from my place across the river.


peter petterson said…
Nice picks Di. You have had your dramas in recent weeks, hope normalcy returns soon.

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