It's Been Hectic for Two Weeks

It probably has been one of the hardest two week periods of my life - not having much sleep after I learned of my mother's stroke, and getting back to Australia, first to Brisbane and then a day or so later to Adelaide.

How I wish my parents hadn't chosen to die during the cold winter of Adelaide.  It never fails to cause me some health problem - I love the place of my birth but I am never prepared for the cold - especially as this time I came from the hot humid spring of China to the freezing cold of Adelaide and with limited sleep  - it all was too much for me, and I succumbed to a dreaded cold.

We laid Mum to rest at a lovely service in the same chapel at Centenial Park as Dad's service was just nearly three years ago.   Mum was in her 99th year and Dad only two days short of his 92 birthday, so they had had a good innings, and for the most part had been in good health.  I am not sure that I want to last that long on this earth - especially if it means spending time in a nursing home.

Some twenty or so people came back to my sister's home after the service - mostly cousins and some with their spouses - so it was a good catch up for me.

The following day some of the family had lunch at  In Thai Restaurant in Jetty Road, Brighton, and that evening at 6 pm my daughter Janet and I flew out to Brisbane, but I knew I was headed for trouble when my ears were so painful as we descended into Brisbane Airport.  The pain was so bad - and I noted that a fellow passenger sitting opposite also had painful ears too!!!

Her husband and daughter were there to meet us and we went back to their home, where I loaded my suitcase into my car, and immediately drove north to Beachmere.  There was little traffic and in less than 45 minutes I was home.

Within half an hour I was in my own bed - snuggled up but snuffling as the cold freshened.  I have spent nearly two days in bed and though I am not fully recovered, I am feeling better.

Now for some work.......  I have the house to clean and tidy, though I am waiting for a pest inspector as there are some weird ants that are eating the grout from between some floor tiles, and I have yet to put away things from my trip.

Lots to do.....


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