A Photographic Display

When I visited the Caboolture Historical Village on Wednesday, I picked up a card promoting an exhibition at the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum - an exhibition called "A Legacy of Light" - Five generations of photographers 1863 - 2012.

Being an enthusiastic "camera addict" I was keen to see it, so set off yesterday (June 19th).

It is many years since I have been to the Pine Rivers/Old Petrie Town area - some 20 or so I believe and had little recognition.  Being a Thursday it was pretty quiet - at weekends it is (I am told) a hive of activity with their weekend market) but there was one school group visiting.

The exhibitiion was in the Heritage Museum - they have a rather large exhibition area, and I entered the room to be a little overwhelmed at first, but soon found my way around.

On one wall the family tree from the year 1863 to 2012, showing those members of the family who had become photographers, and on another piece on the wall were the time lines for the family members and photography.

There was a glass cabinet with old cameras and details of the development of the camera which was very interesting.  Around the walls were the photos taken over this 150 year period - many in black and white (for originally there was no colour in photos) and the more modern ones were in colour.

It is a great exhibition and finishes at the Pine Rivers Museum on June 29th, 2014.


peter petterson said…
Great visit for and by you.

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