A Detour

When I returned to "normal life" at Beachmere a few weeks ago, I remembered that Jumpers and Jazz was on in Warwick, so I hastily booked some accommodation - vaguely thinking that I could fit in the Jumpers and Jazz on the Saturday, and on the Sunday visit the Scenic Rim, and on Sunday afternoon attend friend Linda's Birthday.

I booked into a little motel in Aratula - thinking that it would all work.  I had a weird feeling as I booked it, and afterwards checked to find that I was a month too early for Jumpers and Jazz!!! Still, there was Linda's birthday, and I could look around the Scenic Rim.  So on Saturday morning I set off - first calling in at the Heritage Bank at Springwood.  My lovely daughter now works for Heritage Bank, so I wanted to open an account and see her.  One of the other staff had to open the account for me (fair enough, privacy, rules etc.) and it turned out to be a busy morning in the bank so I saw little of her.   After all the documents etc were completed I returned to my car, and headed for Ikea.  I wanted some more photo frams - but unlucky for me they were out of all the ones I wanted.  Due in on July 1.  Darn I will have to go again.  :)

Next it was on to Carrara to see son Gav and his two children.  Gavin had been in Finland for a month, so I wanted to "catch up" with him and the children and give them the Chinese lollies they had requested from my visit to China recently.   Then it was off to Aratula.

I arrived just before dark, and put my things into Room 2, before walking to the BP service station for something to eat. As I set off a few drops of rain fell, so I returned for my umbrella, which was great as on the return journey the rain was quite heavy.  There's not much at Aratula - great fruit and vegie marked, craft shop and a couple of cafes, a butcher shop and hair dresser and a few empty shops.  There is a pub and another servo at the other end of town.  Had a lovely fish and chip meal and tried to walk it off as I returned to the motel.

Not long after an amazing storm hit - I received the warning messages on my phone about bad weather in Brisbane and around the Moreton Bay area, so knew it was possible.  It was short, but rather dramatic with heavy rain and wind, thunder and lightening, and the wind blew all night.

When I woke in the morning the air was really cold, and the chill exaggerated with the wind, which was to  give me trouble all morning.  I walked to the BP station again for the Courier Mail and exercise, and after packing up I set off.  I had been told about a little town out of Aratula called Terome.  I set off - with instructions to do a u-turn at the end of the bitumen, which I did.  But wonderful scenery but hard to get out of the car.  The wind was amazing.

Then back into Aratula and out onto the Lake Moogera Road.  The wind was blowing down small branches and leaves everywhere.  It was a bit weird - just hoped that BIG branches didn't choose to fall on me!

I think you could have surfed on the Lake - the waves were amazing.  It probably wasn't the weather for water skiing, but I understand the lake is normally popular for this.  I parked near the dam wall and went for a walk along the top of the wall.

It was at Lake Moogera that I put on my "Rita" coat - complete with dog fur around the hood. I have worn the coat only a few times, but never had to wear the hood!   It was so windy it blew the fur and my hair, and I suspect it blew my ear ring out - as I discovered later that I was wearing only one!!!  It was freezing cold and blowing a gale!!!  So back in the car and on my way to Boonah, or Mount Alford actually.

I had been to Koorooma Lavendar Farm and Winery many years ago - and wanted to see it again. I was disappointed that there wasn't much lavendar growing - only 10,000 plants these days as the owners found growing it challenging and reduced their crop.  It was wonderful to see though, and I took a few photos of the fantastic view from the property!!

I made my way back past Lake Wyaralong, then through Beaudesert and on to Regents Park for the Birthday Party - where I caught up with a few friends from long ago.  A big weekend, but certainly fantastic scenery!!!

I will get to visit Jumpers and Jazz in Warwick in a couple of week's time.


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