What Would My Mother Think?

I know that a few years ago, my parents felt excluded from society in a way.  Watching television (unless it was a not very modern movie) was challenging.  They never understood much when there was reference to technology, especially the Internet.  My folks were great "old timers" whose live was changing by the minute.

Friends and family that had been part of their lives for many years were dying - in fact my father was the only member of his immediate family still alive.  His brothers and sisters had died many years ago.  The same for my mother although a sister (who was younger than Mum) lived until 2012.

All the organisations that they had been part of - Lions, RSL, Church - changed as younger members came on board and took roles on committees and made changes that displeased my parents.  This is quite typical of senior members of any groups - they have undergone so many changes in their life time, that they resist changes that occur around them.

Mum found solace in the Spinning group which was still spinning wool and knitting and crocheting in the same way it had been done for many years.  Dad found enjoyment with a Men's Shed where (despite modern electrical tools) he managed to fit in quite well.

Sadly Dad passed on in 2011, and Mum's mental state declined so that she has been in a nursing home for quite a few years, but in the years prior to her going into that place, they seldom visited the city of Adelaide.   They had no need to - they could buy all they wanted (which wasn't much) locally.  They didn't like going to the movies (the sound was always too loud for them, and they didn't find modern movies to their liking.)

The world passed them by.  Dad would shake his head when he heard things that surprised, upset, or confused him.  He'd have loved life to remain the way it was in the '60's or '70's I am sure.

Today I went into Brisbane city - I had some banking to do, wanted to get some international currency, etc and I strolled through the Queen Street Mall.  At times I wanted to sit down and laugh hysterically.  What are they thinking?????

Before I proceed here, I will say that I love it that we have the freedom to be whatever we want to be.  I would think it would be awful if we were all the same - but do people have to be SO WEIRD????

I am not a great fan of tattoos and piercings.  I do have pierced ears - two tiny holes that hold my fairly exciting ear rings, but I don't understand why anyone would want rings in their noses, lips, tongues, eyebrows, belly buttons and other more personal parts of the human body.  I just don't get it.  OK, I understand that at one point people like to be different - but in rare cases I can't see the beauty in it.  I don't mind a simple tattoo - and I understand those from other countries that apparently need to have some cultural designs, but I laugh as few societies would have had the ability to do the long permanent tattoos that I see now.  Women don't look more beautiful with tattoos, though I admit I have seen some rare ones that I feel are appropriate or beautiful.   I often wonder what they will look like on an elderly person - a shrinking ageing body with warping tatts?

Clothes - I do recall getting in our best dresses to go to the city - but clearly our culture has changed.  Anything goes.  There are girls with almost everything hanging out of their tops, their bums showing if they bend over, no colour co ordination, weird hair dos.  I've seen men that look like they are trying to look female - ear rings, long hair, plaits - sometimes you have to look twice or more to determine someone's gender.

People walk around with their eyes glued to a mobile phone, earphones in each ear and today I saw one with blue tak holding them in the ears.

It is colourful, interesting exciting - but I would love to walk with my mother through the mall and see what she would make of it.  She'd gawp at people - she'd be concerned, confused.

But the Queen Street Mall is exciting - there are buskers aplenty, there was a Myer Fashion Parade at the George St end (out the from of Myer), music, action, colour, excitement.  People dining, people sitting.  No smokers (Mum would love that!)

One day I will sit in the Mall with my camera and make a movie of life in the Mall.  It would be hilarious I am sure.
A busker (all in silver) sits motionless in the mall.  He looked as if he was sitting - but on what?

Flowers at the River end of the mall - pathetic small garden really but with great colour.


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