The Foot Massage in Shanghai

I have had foot massages in China, and as we passed the Butterfly Massage Salon on the way back to our hotel in Shanghai, I planned to have one.  Our hotel was just around the corner, so I made an appointment to return to the salon in 15 minutes.  My sister who had never had a Foot Massage, or indeed a professional Pedicure was not so sure about it, and reserved her decision.  She is not one to make hasty decisions!

She decided to accompany me, and when we arrived she too joined me in a foot massage.  We had two masseurs – one a young man who appeared to be teaching some things to the young girl.  Neither spoke very little English and we had a lot of fun trying to communicate.  They spoke occasional words, but often in a manner which was not easily understood, so there was lots of laughing.

The man indicated that the girl was his wife – but she denied it.  Lots of laughter.  The girl told me I had “stomach problems” something she could ascertain from the foot massage. Interesting.  Not that I know of.  My stomach is I think OK. 

We had an hour of washing of feet, massaging, massaging of shoulders (for a foot massage???)  Oh, what bliss!!!  I had been walking so much and I had a huge blister on my foot, so it was wonderful to have such treatment.  Sadly the blister persisted though.

As we were leaving, we were given their brochure with the number of the two masseurs on it – an a warning to tell them BEFORE the massage if one has certain medical problems, including high blood pressure, which I have.  Apparently there were no side effects from the massage.

Also on the brochure are some interesting procedures.  Back side scraping, oil back side massage – we will never know what it is.

The hotel we stayed at was the New Harbour Service Apartments, where I stayed in 2008.  It is not far from People’s Square, Nanjing Walking Street, and the Bund.  The address is No 88 Yongshou Road.  I did send an email to them before I left Australia to get the name and address of the hotel in Chinese but they didn’t respond.  Perhaps because no one appeared to speak English, which is sad as there are many English speakers who stay there.

They have a restaurant but we did not venture into it – there was no information about it in English.  When I last stayed there it was near the elevator, but those doors were never opened on this occasion.  I will stay there on my last night in Shanghai – as much because I still have the card, so telling the taxi driver where to take me won’t be a problem.

(I didn't use the pool - it was too cold while we were there.)

New Harbour Service Apartments –
Butterfly Massage – in a street near the New Harbour Service Apartment.


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