Role Play

I would never have made a good actress in the theatre - though over my long life I have played several rather hilarious roles for entertainment.  There was my ghastly singing of "Who Killed Cock Robin" for a dance performance when I was very small.  I recall very little of it - other than standing right front stage trying to sing the words for my dance studio friends to perform some little fancy dancy thing.  I shudder when I think of it. My dancing (and singing) was short lived.

The next time I took centre stage was for a performance at the Nurses Christmas Party  when I was training - because I was tall (it could be the only reason) that I was asked to play the role of Avis Crankston, something that someone had dreamt up that was a spoof on the Mavis Brampton Show.  Luckily I have no photographic evidence of the skit that we did - for several crazy things happened that night. I drank too much wine before the performance in the hope that it would help me remember my lines - which it did to some degree, but from all accounts on the night my bravado was way high and the performance was well received.

I had never seen the Mavis Brampton Show - we had limited television in the early days at the hospital and it was only those who lived in Mt Gambier that knew what it was all about.  I don't think I have ever to this day seen the show - but found the video below of one of the skits that was done on that show.

When I was asked to do some role plays for medical examinations (doctors seeking to work in Australia) I jumped at it - it was to pay some dollars and a friend and I both joined the group who played roles - I think I have done it for maybe 15 years.  I can't remember the date we started.  I reasoned that as a former nurse I would have some idea how to play the role of someone with medical conditions, which somehow it did.

I had been thinking of retiring from doing it - it is a big day, exhausting, but usually a bit of fun, but I was getting past it.  I received a letter during the week advising that it would be my last that the examinations would be held in Brisbane yesterday.  There is a new facility in Melbourne where they will done mostly, and they are unlikely to fly any of us to Melbourne for the examinations.  The Melbourne role players will get plenty of work!

And so it was that I set off early yesterday morning for the 8 am start at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, only to discover that others were sent a letter to say it was starting at 9 am.  It started much later - as there were a few problems that morning.

Then one of the role players did not arrive and as I was a "spare" I was given about 2 minutes notice to play the role of someone with a 7 year old son.  I (we) thought it rather hilarious as I certainly don't look young enough to have given birth 7 years ago.  A lot of laughs were had between sessions about it.  I played another role in the afternoon, which was more hilarious in a way, but I can't detail that here.  Thus ended my role playing career.  I will miss the payments though.  It wasn't all that profitable, but still it was fun and interesting.


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