I do try to travel light - but seldom achieve it.  Especially when one is away for 4 weeks.  I have a few days before I go - and I have my suitcase in the spare room and I often run in and "throw" something into the mix of things that have already found their way in.

I've not bothered with nail polish before, but the nails are looking pretty good so I've packed my bits to keep them looking good.  I bought some lovely nail polish remover pads so that I  don't have to take a bottle of flammable nail polish remove. Part of the Manicare range.  I've tried them - awesome!! Tick.

There is a largish pack of tissues in small packs - handbag size.  In China toilet paper is not supplied at most (public) toilets so one has to be prepared and take one's own.  Tick.

My Kindle.  A must when travelling.  I will be on long bus/plane/train journeys on my own.  I've downloaded a few books, but have quite a supply with me, and of course I can download in China.  Remember to take cable to download and recharge battery.  When I bought my Kindle a few years ago, I bought the one with the light in the cover.  So much easier to read when all around is in darkness.  Tick.  And the battery is full. Tick.

A towel.  OK it is a small microfibre one - but I am not sure there will be one in my room when I get to the university.  I recall when I arrived in 2008 - and there was nothing in the room, not even a cup when we arrived after dark.  Luckily I was taken to a supermarket not far from the campus, and was able to stock up on a few things to tide me over until I could quietly work out what I needed.  And it was a lot.  Tick.

My MP3 Player.  Now I know that some readers will ask why I don't use my phone...   I have a good Iriver which I can load much more on.  It is smaller - lighter, easier to carry and much better to use.  I have downloaded music, and interviews from the ABC - Richard Fiedler and Margaret Throsby.  Tick.

Spare phone.  Luckily I have an old phone - so I will activate it with a local SIM card so that the students/university can easily contact me.  I will have international roaming - but it will be cheaper I think to use a local number.  Tick.

Technology - yes, I am taking a laptop, but only a small one.  Yes I am taking my Canon EOS SLR - sadly it is heavy, but I need it.  Of course there is a collection of cables that go with the technology.

Clothes.   Well - luckily for me it will be warm, so I don't need to take heavy winter gear, and most of my clothing (apart from my sneakers) is light.

I will have a cabin bag - for laptop, camera, stuff in case my luggage gets lost etc. - and I have my travelling clothes all ready to go.  Tick.

Labels and purple ribbon on suitcase.  Tick.  (suitcase and cabin bag are purple.  :)  )

Folder with documents (copies of passport, itinery, accommodation, travel insurance, etc) in cabin bag.  Tick.

I hope I have not forgotten anything.


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