On Prostitutes

This week we have learned about the young women kidnapped from their school by terrorists, their school trashed and the horrific terrorists proclaim that they are going to sell the girls for sex slaves.  It is sad that the government of Nigeria seem to have done nothing to rescue the girls and worse still to learn that there were warnings of the probability that these girls would be taken - and nothing was done.

It is Mother's Day today - and in many countries we celebrate mothers.  I will be speding time with my family later today to celebrate - which I look forward to.  Meanwhile I am at home preparing to leave on my travels tomorrow.

Most Sundays I buy the Sunday Mail - and I did today.  I find much of the news not to my liking, but I try to have a broad knowledge of what is going on in my world.

On Page 46-47 there was a piece written by Wendy Francis about criminalising prostitution.   It is a hot issue that women seldom discuss.  Well, the women I socialise with don't talk about it.  We don't like it.  We probably think that it is ok for single men to buy sex, but many married women are concerned that their husbands might venture into brothels to buy sex.

I wrote about my venture into the brothel at Kalgoorlie when I was there last year - I can accept to some degree that men in situations like mines (especially years ago) were better behaved becuse they could visit brothels, but in this day and age, it is not controlled like it was done in early history.

Recently a brothel north of Brisbane was promoting the idea of men visiting the brothel during lunchtime.  There are two "letters to the editor" on page 48 commenting on the special lunch time deal.  Really it sounds sick to me.

In Sweden brothels the selling of sex has become illegal.  Sweden, you ask?  Isn't that where there were famous brothels?  An amazing sex industry? This article on Prostitution in Sweden is interesting.

Apparently, according to Wendy Francis, other countries around the world are rethinking their attitudes to the sex industry.  It is well known that drug, violence and criminal behaviour is often linked to brothels.

Is it time to think about this in Australia?

I wonder what will happen here?    


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