Not Happy Australia Post.

This morning I have written to Australia Post via their website - though not sure that the complaint "went" after I hit submit, so I saved the details of the letter just in case.

When my sister and I decided to spend time in Singapore and Shanghai I knew we had to get a Visa.  Mine was fairly easy to get as I had a letter of introduction from the University, and all I had to do was apply with her travel documents ( itinerary and accommodation booking details).  I did it for my sister as she lives in Adelaide and there is no Visa Application Service there.  She posted (registered mail) her Passport to me and I did the paper and leg work.  I picked it up on 24th April, and as it was a long weekend I didn't get to post it until the Monday.  Again "registered post".

I phoned her on the Friday (May 2nd) but it had not arrived, so using the tracking number I had on the receipt I found that it was at a post office in Adelaide and an indication that they had been unable to deliver it.  That part was odd as it was sent to a business address where there are several people working - all of whom knew my sister and knew that she was waiting for the package.  I'd lay odds that they didn't even try to to deliver it and even if they did and couldn't for some reason (???) not notification was left there.  They just kept it at the post office.

I had tried to phone the post office number - but got continual messages that they were busy and would speak with me soon - but after 20 minutes I hung up, and tried to make contact via the Aust Post website.  It will be two working days before they contact me.  Duh???  What if she needed her passport before that????

So I went to the Beachmere Post Office who were able to track it down.  The envelope is waiting at an Adelaide Post office - but we had no information about it.

My sister did pick it up yesterday (May 5th) - so she has it safely, BUT it should have been delivered.

I hope I get an explanation - but clearly that service is not good enough.  Appalling.

Luckily she has it now - but I shudder to think what would have happend if she was not able to collect it in time.


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