I am annoyed!!!!

On Monday I posted a letter - a REGISTERED LETTER via Australia Post  to my sister - which included her passport complete with Chinese visa.  She lives in Adelaide and I expected she would have received it by now, and as she hadn't let me know it arrived, I called her to check.  No, she hasn't seen it.
It was sent to her work address as she is never home to collect it - and as she works long hours at the one address you would think it would be easy.

I wrote the address I was given, (and hope I did it right, for at this point, we don't know for sure.) I had kept the receipt and the tracking number, and went online to check where it was.  It said it arrived in Adelaide on Wednesday and it was unable to be delivered.  Weird...  It had the work address, as my sister works there for long hours and she was there.  As are other staff.  She does not believe there was any attempt to deliver it.

I tried to phone the phone number for the post office there - but after nearly 15 minutes hanging on, I gave up.  I recorded a "missing item" on the website - and they will get back to be within two business days.  Oh, how helpful is that!!!  I understand, but if there is a problem it leaves her in a big mess, as we fly out on Monday week.  No passport = no travel.

So I printed out all the stuff on the tracking website and went to the Beachmere Post Office and asked the lovely Gaye to help.  It appears that an attempt was made to deliver it on Wednesday, and as that failed it has been waiting at the Kent Town Post office for  collection - however, no one advised me or my sister.  Now that presents a problem - despite assurance that it won't take long or her to leave work and collect it - I know she is frantically busy with a major order that she has to complete before she departs.  She is already working 10 - 14 hours a day, and even taking 30 minutes to collect it - will make her and the boss mad as hell.

Anyway, at least we tracked it - and will have to work out if the address was written wrongly by either my sister or myself, and she will have to collect it next week.  It remains to be seen what the real story is!!!  Meanwhile I have wasted a couple of hours trying to resolve it.  I am narky.

I will also be curious to find out if their FB folk (where I also put a message) and the Internet "missing item" section gets back to me.

(Feeling better now I have had the rant.  :)  )

On a lighter note I took off to Bribie Island with my neighbour to see a movie at the Bribie Twin Theatre - a strange movie. The Grand Budapest Hotel.  I do think it is something that you need to see twice, but watching the trailer might help.  It is quite fanciful and crazy, but a bit of fun.

Here is a review of the movie.


peter petterson said…
Well you might say better late than never! But still extremely disappointing.
Di Hill said…
Yes, at least it is found. My sister should collect the package tomorrow.

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