Hop On, Hop Off

When I visit a city for the first time, I like to gt my bearings and do a tour of the city.  These days many cities have  a Hop On, Hop Off bus system, which generally takes you to the major tourist spots of that city.

Most have 24 hour tickets - giving you plenty of time to see many of the places of interest - and you, the tourist, can choose which spots to alight.

This is more than one company doing these tours, so  it is a good idea to get informtion about them online or from the tourist office.  I recommend splitting your "day" tour in two if you have the time.  We set off around midday on one day (as it turned out, it was a public holiday) and were up early the next morning to complete our tour as the ticket lasts 24 hours  - so if you start at midday one day, you have until midday the next day to get back on a bus.

Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens, which requires a very long walk to see the best parts of it - and we had lunch at the cafe there.

The Orchid area was so special.

We walked to Little India to meet with the bus - thus giving us an opportunity to look at other parts of the city that the bus did not pass.  Perhaps I would have stopped at more stops, but my sister had other ideas, so I agreed to do what she wished.  We alighted in Orchard Road, and walked - she loves shopping so that was her wish to do.

One of the stops was Raffles, but we had been there on our first night to taste a Singapore Sling.

It is an excellant way to see around a city.  Most large cities have these bus tours.


peter petterson said…
Wonderful images. Enjoy your journey.

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