Daisy's Place

Today I drove north, to a restaurant called Daisy's Place - at Glenview.  I had not heard of it until I received the invitation to catch up with two friends who were also English teachers at Yuexiu University in Shaoxing while I was there.  There was another friend too in the group - four of us in all.

I was most surprised when I arrived as I can recall the Rustic Cabin that we used to pass as we drove north along the old Bruce Highway, part of which has been renamed Steve Irwin Way, when the new highway was built.  I was in awe when I arrived for the old cabin had gone and a new glamorous restaurant stood in its place, though you will have to watch the video below to learn the full story.

My friends were sitting outside when I arrived and more much of the time we talked about our days in China, our friends from those days, and some of the funnier things that happened to us trying to make sense of the Chinese way of doing things.  Our topic did change on several occasions - we talked about study, living alone and sex.  Lots of laughs really and I have more notes for something I am writing.

It took us a long time to order our meals - we were talking too much - but when we ordered and our meals arrived in quick time were were so impressed.  Three of us had the barramundi, and I had pigs cheek in red wine, which was so tender.  We were all impressed with the food.  We went on to order dessert - I had a lemon meringue dessert - done quite differently than I would do, as you can see from the photo below.

We took some photos - and left around 3 pm.  It was somewhat expensive, but most enjoyable, such that I would go back again.

On arriving back home I checked on the website for Daisy's Place and found the video - and learned about the history of the lady Daisy.  Please watch it all.

It is a top class restaurant with a fabulous story to tell.

Lemon Merinque Dessert

Lovely Garden

Here it is - 
2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview QLD 4553


peter petterson said…
Undoubtably a change for the better. Hope you enjoyed tour meal.
Di Hill said…
Certainly did. Great place

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