Cranes are Everywhere

It is quiet eawe inspiring to see the rate of building in the cities I have visited or passed while in China. Huge multistory buildings are being erected at a rate that is almost unbeleivable - certainly gobsmacking for someone from Australia

Massive multi story buildings have appeared where a few years later there were old villages and small farms - the residents moved on.  I am told the government can do that.  When I asked about the former residents I am told they are ok.  Somewhere.

On a road that didn't exist 5 years ago, the government is now upgrading it - it is getting far more traffic than was anticipated with the plans those few years ago.  It is rather amusing to see how it is being done - drivers now have to drive in potholed alternate routes while the new road building continues.

I went to a new university building - which didn't exist 4 years ago, but now houses some 5000 students, their class rooms and their amenities.  At every step one can see that the builders took little care in ensuring that the buildings would last.


Many Chinese people are embarrassed about these condition, as they are about many other issues in this country - not least of all the pollution.  

I wonder if a Construction College exists?  Does anyone really learn building skills in a formal way?  Or do they learn from watching someone and copying?  It is scary to think that the massive buildings going up everywhere are built by people who don't have the skills to do it properly.


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