To Lake Argyle

I have had many people ask me what place/s impressed me most. What was my favourite....  and I have not been able to answer this.  There were so many places on my journey that I loved, and would return to in a heart beat, but I guess there are a couple of standouts.

In my original plans there were a number of key places I wanted to visit.   One was Mataranka in the Northern Territory which is "famous" because it is the home of the late Jeannie Gunn, or Mrs a
Aenaes Gunn (taking the name of her husband as was the done thing in the days when she had her book "We of the Never Never", and the other place was the Kimberley, home of another writer, Mary Durack, another well known writer.

My first stop after Fitzroy Crossing was Kununurra where I stayed at the caravan park at Lake Argyle.  On my way into the Lake Argyle area I saw the sign to the Durack Homestead, and drove right in.

I was quite overcome with emotion having reached this special spot on my itinerary, and was overawed at hearing more of the story of the Duracks.  The homestead had been moved, brick by brick, stone by stone from its original position as it would have been under water after the great lake was inundated with water.   Hearing how amazing the Durack family was I found quite moving, and learning how they treated and trained indigenous people also was impressive.

When I reached the Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park they only had expensive accommodation, camping facilities and as it turns out, staff accommodation - so it was the latter that I moved into for a couple of nights.  It was a small room, well set out, and had all I needed albeit a big squeezy, but I was happy.

As it turned out I was there in time for the Sunset Cruise on the big lake, and I happily booked on it.  Here is a video which might give you some idea of the cruise.

The scenery was amazing, as were the stories of this amazing place.  The boat did quite a tour of the lake and the size of it was breathtaking as was the scenery.

Next time I would like to explore more of the Ord River Scheme, and the many amazing proprties growing all sorts of fruit and other crops.

In recent days I have been reminiscing this trip, and even now am giving consideration to a drive across the top end.  I don't know if that dream will come to fruition, but if so, I will get back to three places that impressed me immensely - Broome, Lake Argyle and Mataranka.

We will see.  They are the three most important places for me to go back to, though I loved Winton and Longreach.  Really, there was so much to see, amazing scenery,  incredible history.  So much.


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