Three Things

I'm feeling a bit slow today - actually tired as I had a disturbed sleep due to idiots firing off fireworks in the middle of the night.  Couldn't get back to sleep.

However it is a good day.

1.  I still have some crab left.  My friends and I ate through quite a bit yesterday, but I will savour one big claw later today.   I can't get over the size of the crab and its claws in particular.  Good to eat outside as one needs a good crack (which often results in a spray of juice and crab shell particles) - so it will be dining outside with a glass of wine tonight.

This will give some idea of the size  of the crab and its claw.
2.   I have been watching some Cattleya orchids coming into flower - each day I check on the buds, as there are several of my pots ready to flower.  I only hope they flower before I go to China.  Would be a shame to miss the blooms.  I had expected this one to be a deep purple as I though all of them were purple, and I was most surprised to see that this one had a pale yellow flower.

Orchids in flower April 2014.
3.  This time last year I was still in Denham, on the coast of Western Australia.   It was a pretty place, and the folk were friendly so I stayed longer than originally planned.  It is never long enough.  There is so much to see.


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