The War Cemetery

While I was in Western Australia last year I visited the War Cemetery near Perth - quite an incredile, well kept and amazing place to visit.  I was with a friend who was doing some research for a family member - but I realised that it was the first time I had visited such a place.

It was when I was there that I learned that there was a War Cemetery in Brisbane, and on the few occasions I have passed the Lutwyche Cemetery, I reminded myself of my promise to visit it.  Today I went to Queensland University for a 5W Luncheon, and as I approached the cemetery I decided instantly to honour my promise and turned left into the grounds.

It is a very old burial ground, having opened in 1878, with its first burials during that year.  It is certainly in need of much TLC - the roadways are potholed, the whole place looks pretty dismal - I know cemeteries are not party places, but I felt that those who were interred there and their families have not been treated with dignity and respect in relation to their burial place.

Below is a photo of part of the old section of the cemetery.  I am so glad I visited. In the front row I rad of the young men who had died in 1944 - so many young men were lost.  I walked along the row reading the inscsriptions until the tears were too much for me and I sobbed back to the car.  So many were lost - war is so horrible, but then so are the people who cause so much trouble in countries where some sort of war is seen as the only way to save some people, and change the course of their history to hopefully to be better.  

I do think this cemetery should have some work done on it - I was very disappointed in its condition.  The War Cemetery is very well kept as that is managed by the Federal Government.


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