The Bunda-La

As a volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village, I am honoured to see the work that our many volunteers do, especially in restoration.  One day I came across a shed where several men were working on an old boat.  

Whilst it wasn't exactly a secret, not many volunteers working in the office area knew about this boat, and indeed the stories that the men had been told were a little vague and could not be substantiated.

I told my neighbour - a mad boatie - and he was "suspicious" about the information, and indeed came back to me with additional information.  One of the volunteers sent a letter to a boating magazine requesting more information, and one of the original workmen on the boat in 1958, contacted him.  So the story of the old Bunda-La is slowly coming together.

There is quite a story about the Bunda-La, and I hope to find out more about it as the elderly boat builder is visiting the Village tomorrow.

One of the many things that I found interesting about this boat, which was used as a fishing vessel after it's life as a pilot boat for the Queensland Government and the hull was covered with copper sheeting, which was held in place by bamboo nails.  (With my interest in bamboo, I was fascinated.)

Who would have thought that nails made of bamboo would be on such a vessel?

The volunteers work on the boat for hours on end, and are quite chuffed about their work and look forward to meeting the boat builder tomorrow.  I am hoping to be there too.

(Here is a story from Japan about building boats using bamboo nails. Click here.  (This website is also of interest - Edgewater Gallery)

This website also tells about the use of bamboo nails in boat building in China.

I found this video on Youtube - about a bamboo boat.  Similar to the ones we rode on in China.

More research - information about an American man, Douglas Brooks who is building boats in the old Japanese style, complete with bamboo nails.


Love the story about the boat. I went out with a man for awhile, He and a couple of mates built a boat, I think it was in China. They sailed it to Australia. There was a book written about it. I wonder if they used bamboo nails?
Di Hill said…
I am hoping to interview the boat builder at some stage. I am sure there is a great story there.
Thanks for reading. D
Vic said…
What a fantastic thing to unearth, fancy bamboo nails, awesome

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