Suck and Blow

I have to laugh at what has happened since I have been on my own.  I have had to learn to be quite independant - as there is no many around to help with most tasks.  I do have a wonderful neighbour who does things for me - he mows my front lawn, and he brings in my bin after the garbage collection each Monday, but most things I try to do myself.

There are two areas of my house that have given me some grief.  The front porch tends to fill up with leaf litter, bird's feathers, lawn clippings and other rubbish and I have tried to sweep it away, but it does seem to be a losing battle at time.

In the back I have a lovely outdoor area with glass table, and nice comfy chairs, and this area too seems to be the dumping ground for all sorts of windblown rubbish.

When I saw a special at Harvey Norman in one of their catalogues for a Morrison leaf blower and vacuum machine at a very reasonable price, I thought I would go and have a look at it.  The Morayfield store didn't have one in stock and they ordered one in.  I bought it without looking in the box.

Arriving home I opened the box and was quite surprised - as I put it together I realised that it was much, much bigger than I had imagined.  Far bigger than it looked in the catalogue.

It was with a little trepidation that I powered it up.  Amazingly it is very effective and despite its size and weight it has been quite easy for me to use.  It is heavy - but has wheels.  

It is quite manageable and so effective.  I am most impressed.  I have just found the video - mmmmm, maybe I had better get some protective glasses...

Very impressive and I got it at a brilliant price.


peter petterson said…
Certainly one way of getting rid of the mess. Big tick Di!
Di Hill said…
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Di Hill said…
Thanks Peter. Begone dirt and leaves.

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