Open Gardens at Beachmere.

There is a wonderful program called Open Gardens Australia where people open their wonderful gardens to the public on weekends in particular.  I did have in my diary to attend one at Caboolture some time ago, but something happened and I didn't get there.  Today I found a notice on a shop window about one at Beachmere, and I am looking forward to seeing it.

It is called Kerryville at 744 Beachmere Road, Beachmere.  I often wonder how I can get to see the garden as clearly from the road as I pass, there is an interesting garden behind the trees that face the road.  I pass it several times a day often, and each time my curiosity gains momentum.  Amazing that I should discover it's opening days on the weekend of April 26th and 27th.  There is a donation of $7 requested and I am sure it will be well worth the visit.

On the Open Gardens website it says "Kerryville garden
Bridges cross ponds fringed with willows and dietes in a garden alive with colourful jacarandas, poincianas and weeping melaleucas. Archways and arbours festooned in wisteria, stephanotis, lady slipper vine and mandevilla. 'Duchesse de Brabant' and other old-fashioned roses. Hibiscus garden; palms and tropical foliage."  There is also a photo on this page if you follow the link on Kerryville garden.

According to information the place was purchased in 1998 - a neglected former fish farm.  Read here.

(Beachmere is in Queensland, (north of Brisbane), Australia.


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