Open Garden at Beachmere

Kerryville is a property on Beachmere Road which has always fascinated me.  From the road you can see that there is garden behind it but the row of palms and other trees across the front hide it all.  Makes in more intriguing really.  When I read that it was part of Open Gardens Australia I made a note to attend, and thus today, I went.  

I chose to ride my bike along the busy Beachmere Road, which has a tiny space for pedestrians or bikes and was glad that I arrived at Kerryville safely.  I parked the bike, paid, and set off with my camera.  I took 56 photos in all - so I won't add them here, but I will give a selection.  Apparently Betty has been part of the Open Gardens scheme for some years and it may be 5 or so years that it has been open for special events.

The property according to all the information was a fish farm when they bought it - a neglected place with many ponds and piles of dirt and weeds and she and her husband (since passed on) put many hours into creating a wonderful place.

(I also learned today that prior to being a fish farm it was a nudist park.  Hence the sign below perhaps?)

There are many ponds on the property and the gardens weave their way around the waterways.  A great number of ducks appear to enjoy the surroundings.

There are so many plants - some natives and some not, scattered through the garden.  Below are just some of the 56 photos I took.

Lone Day Lilly

Dunny near the vegie patch

One lone bamboo stand.
There are more photos of the flowers here.


Vicki said…
Great photos Di, how did you find out about it?

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