Only Half a Mud Crab

We in Queensland love our mud crabs, but they can be quite expensive in the Seafood outlets, so, we know, that if we have the time, it is not too difficult to catch them in our waterways - especially areas where mangroves grow.

I live at Beachmere - just 50 kms north of Brisbane with the Caboolture River on our boundary, and of course the sea (Deception Bay) on one side where the Caboolture River spills into the sea.  Ideal place for finding mud crabs.

I moved here less than 12 months ago, and discovered that there are mud crabs in a lake near my home.  In fact I can walk to the spot where I cast my net into the lake, in less than 5 minutes from my property.  How good is that?

All I needed was a crab pot which I purchased from BCF, a rope to attach the pot to a tree or something (there is a metal piece near my favourite spot), and some bait.  I use small cans of cat or dog food (with fish), and put it in the little basket in my pot, slightly open.  I have always had a catch.

I usually leave the pot in situ for 12 - 24 hours, and when I pull it up I have to count/measure the crabs as the minimum of 150 cms across the carapace.  Smaller ones must be thrown back or you could face a fine, and they must be male.  Females are left to breed more crabs.

Catching them in the put is a challenge - their big claws are dangerous and one can lose a finger.  Often I will take the pot with crab back to my home, in the side gate to my back lawn, and with some large tongs, I can extricate the crab.

Below is a video about killing and cooking them.  I generally put the crab in the freezer - but the method described is good too.

It is something that  my grandchildren enjoy doing with me too.  Rather exciting for them.

I wear purple croc-like shoes as I have to walk across rocks and into the water to cast my next or retreive it, and I found it is easier and safer for me on the rocks with these on.  I take my platic bucket and measuring ruler.

When I have friends coming for a meal/stay/drink, I love to dish up fresh crab and so it will be today, though I only have half a crab as the one I caught yesterday is minus a claw and its legs on one side.

My crab fishing tools

I do like fishing, but have done very little since I have been here, and so far no great catch, but it is on my "Bucket List" to do soon.  Very soon.


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