On This Day in 2013....

I made it safely back to Brisbane, but in reality it was one of the scariest of days.  It was as if the scent of Brisbane had infiltrated my nostrils and I broke some of my own rules.  It was some 800 kms to Brisbane and more than I would normally do in a day.  I was tired but tired of driving and tired of being on my own, and the thought of seeing my family drove me on and on.

I did stop to take the occasional photo - oh, there were so many wonderful sights that I could have and perhaps should have taken the time to do so.

Of course it is all mining territory - and the huge trains full of ore rattle along the tracks beside the roadway headed for Port Alma mostly.  It is a pretty awesome sight, and so is the scenery. And as you can see the skies were brilliant blue - I was so lucky all the time with the weather.

When I arrived at Gympie the sun was almost gone and I had to make a decision - do I find accommodation for the night or do I keep driving?  I was tired, but the appeal of seeing family was too much and against my better judgement I chose to drive on.

As darkness hit I found I was in the midst of roadworks just south of Gympie and for a few moments I almost panicked as I couldn't see where to go.  I do think it was fatigue - but I was committed and kept driving until soon I came accross  places I recognised.  I hadn't driven at night - it was something I chose not to do, other than short drives within towns.  I was well out of my comfort zone and for the first time I was a little scared.

Luckily I was able to gight the fatigue in my usual way, but putting on music that I could sing loudly to.  (Always I can only do this when no one can hear me for I have a voice that should not be heard attempting to sing!!!)

As I drove over the Gateway Bridge (Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge) I could feel my heart pumping faster and I drove along Wynnum Road, to a bottle shop and bought a bottle of bubbles to celebrate.  I had made it.  Home safe.

Old cattle yards

Dululu Hotel

Jambin Hotel

I will remember April 30th - the date of my return from my journey around Australia.  Would I do it again????  Yes, in a heart beat. But with some conditions this time.  I would choose a slight different route - just for variety really and I would hope I had enough money and time to visit some of the special places that I just had to pass up on.  I keep buying tickets, but don't think that will do it  for me.  I guess I can hope and dream.


peter petterson said…
Didn't realise you were so old, DI. You keep your age well.1913?
Di Hill said…
You must be mistaken. :)

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