Last Year - at Barkly Homestead.

I arrived at Barkly Homestead after my short venture into Tennant Creek.  TC was interesting, but not a place I would be keen to return to, though I did enjoy visiting the Telegraph Station.  It ws 24th April - the night before Anzac Day.  I wondered if there would be any event to mark this occasion way out in the midst of Australia, but I could find no information about it.

When I woke in the morning I looked around for some activitity - but it appeared to be none.  Still, if it was any later than dawn I might not have stayed anyway as I had to get to Mt Isa, a distance of some 450 kms and with a few stops along the way.

Thanks to radio I was able to listen to various ceremonies around Australia as I drove.

Tennant Creek Telegraph Station

Barkley Homestead is now a stop in the middle of nowhere - but they do have petrol, food, and accommodation, and I stayed in a little cabin looking out towards the highway which was pretty busy day and night. It is a pretty little spot really.  The caravan park was very busy - in fact most of the accommodation was booked.

The view from my cabin
Australian bush scene

At the Northern Territory - Queensland border.
Back in Queensland after nearly five months.  It was exciting to cross the boder - just a daggy sign, but it didn't matter.  I was back in Queensland - on the home stretch.


Vicki said…
I remember Barkley Station from years ago, we took the kids on a looong bus trip Canberra, T'ville, Alice and down to Adelaide before returning to C;berra. A bbq was supplied at Barkley roadhouse and they had the best steak sandwiches, awesome country scenery too.

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