Know Your Own City

I guess we all like to travel and explore other cities, but do we really explore our own city?  I know that especially when I have visitors from overseas or even other parts of Australia,  I proudly show them parts of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, but in reality we only skim the surface.  There is so much to see and usually not enough time.

I do think I know my "own" city well, but there is so much to see.  The new Brisbane Museum in the newly renovated Town Hall has opened, and sadly I have not visited it.  It was opened in 2003, but I believe closed while the renovations were done, but is now open, with two very interesting exhibitions.  I must try and visit.

Not far away, across the road is the "Servants' Home" which goes back to around 1865.

Photo taken on 8/4/2014 with my Samsung.

This is from the website, Your Brisbane, Past and Present:

"Completing our trilogy of posts about the Brisbane School of Arts, we now look at where the School of Arts moved to in 1878, after leaving the property that it had sold to the Queensland National Bank. The new premises were in Ann St, in a building then known as the Brisbane Servants Home, which was built in 1866 to house and train "young women of good character to work as servants." A former patron of this home was Lady Diamantina Bowen, wife of Queensland's first Governor. The home had closed in 1870, and it was purchased by the School of Arts in 1873 for £1,000. Below is a drawing of how it looked then."

There are so many historical places within the city limits, and these days wonderful volunteer Greeters offer tours around the city.  I am thinking one would need to do several of these as there are so many interesting places, works of art etc.

I am sure there is much to see in most cities - so if one does some research on the internet - just Google it, and see if you can learn more about your own city.


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