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I know that most of my readers are from places other than Australia, though there is a good readership from Down Under, and I welcome new readers who like me, are participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  While I do have a business of sorts (really I am mostly "retired") this blog doesn't focus on my business enterprises, which include writing, especially life story writing.

As I like to travel, use my Canon SLR 650D Camera, and record my travel stories I generally  use this blog, however, I am in planning for a journey to China where Blogger is blocked - behind the "Great Chinese Firewall" - there is a way around that, but I am not sure I will be able to access the option and as I will be in China itself for only 3 weeks, I am going to attempt to use my World Nomads account.

I generally use World Nomads for my travel insurance - and have done so this time.  I will endeavour to keep up with my Blogger Blog - I find it so much easier than my WordPress blog, and I use Blogger in my classes for beginners.  It is so easy - despite a few challengers.

For the first time in our lives (and she and I were born in the 1940's) that my sister and I are travelling together.  She lives in Adelaide (where we were both born and spent most of our first 18 years, but she and I travelled after that.  She returned to Adelaide and married, and I have never returned to live there, but visited frequently.

My sister, now on her own, lives in a house not far from where we spent our childhood and not far from where our mother lives in a nursing home, and who will celebrate her 99th birthday later this year, all being well.

It is going to be somewhat of a challenge to spend time with my sister on this journey as we are so different.  She has not been to Singapore or Shanghai - the places where we will be in May, but I am quite familiar with both of these cities.   I hadn't planned to spend much time in these places as my destination is Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province (south of Shanghai) where I was a teacher in 2008 and 2010.  It is where I will be doing some research in the short time I am there, and where I am to give a couple of lectures to teachers and students on Life Long Learning.

My sister is a floral artist in Adelaide and her wish is to see gardens and the flower arrangements in major hotels and other buildings in these cities.

I have booked our flights with Singapore Airlines and our accommodation in both Singapore and Shanghai.  In Singapore we will be in our own hotel rooms, side by side, and in Shanghai we have a 3 bedroom appartment.

We will go on some tours, but most of our time we will be walking around some of the key areas of interest.  We will use trains and taxi's to get to the places we want to see, and I am quite sure we will have an exhausting but interesting time.

But, since we have nearly 6 weeks to go before we depart Australia, I will continue with this blog detailing life in Beachmere, Queensland, and my "adventures" which I am sure there will be a few - as usual.

My photos in my post yesterday and on Facebook have received wonderful reviews - so will have to think about something that I can do with them.  Getting up before the sun came up was certainly a bonus.

One day I must get up much earlier and travel to the other side of the Caboolture River so that I can have the sunrise with the river in the foreground, but it is a 20 km drive so will have to be up really early.


Best of luck on your travels with your sisters. I'm sure you'll learn and cherish new things about each other. Thank you for sharing your GORGEOUS photographs! I've never been to Australia but it is on my bucket list, and thanks to you I can almost hear the quiet swish of the water...
Di Hill said…
Thank you Valerie. I am lucky I can travel. Love it.

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