Have you heard about Neuroplasticity?

Have you?  In the last couple of months I have heard several speakers on this topic - the idea that the brain can be "retaught" - and have done further research on the topic.  I will over the next few weeks introduce you to some new speakers and further information on this topic.

I remember when I was at school there was a perception that, unless you went on to university, that all your learning was over. As it turns out, I have continued to study and even have two university degrees gained in my more mature years.  I do believe that if you don't "use it you will lose it" and that I continue to "do" and "learn" - while many of my contempories find that watching television or playing Bingo is enough for them.  I keep getting invited to join some of them, but I am far too busy to attend some of the events that are seen suitable for "seniors".

In fairly recent years there has been much research done on the brain - and the information about "neuroplasticity" is coming thick and fast in a vareity of media. I am keen to learn more about it - so will continue to "educate" myself on the topic.

Here is a video I have found that might be helpful to readers on explaining what it means.

There are many articles and even sites with exercises for the brain - some of which I have done.  No doubt we will get deluged with information on this topic and more on brain training and brain gym.  One site is Lumosity.


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