From Darwin to Kakadu - a Year Ago

The scenery around Australia is awesome - and I so enjoyed taking photographs and I am now enjoying putting some of them in frames and on my wall.  It is just as hard to choose my "favourites" as it is to choose the favourite places of my journey.  There is so many and I am glad I do not have to choose.   As far as my photos go, I can choose to remove them from the frames and replace them - rotate my photos.

I am actually going to try to make my own frames.   We will see about that.  I have the instructions from Bunnings, so will make a trek there tomorrow to sort out the items I will need.

I left Waigat Beach around 9 am and set off - keen to get on the road again.  I had taken many photos of course - and kept on clicking.

Wagait Beach

I had passed a Bamboo Farm on my way into Wagait Beach, so arrived unannounced to see what they had to offer.  I was shown around some of the amazing property and had quite a chat with one of the owners, whose enthusiasm for bamboo is exciting to see.

I have driven along the Cox Pensinsular Road to the Stuart Highway, and then north to the Arnhem Highway which leads to Kakadu. There really is so much to see, and luckily there was scant traffic on the road, which enabled me to drive slower and "take in" the scenery.  I'd stop occasionally, but had a plan so stops were minimal.

I was keen to see crocodiles up close so headed for one of the Crocodile Cruises, and enjoyed a fascinating time on the boat feeding huge crocodiles and later some birds who "peformed" to get a feed.

The cruise was interesting, and I am glad I didn't have to swim!.


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