Fitzroy Crossing and Geikie Gorge

Last year's journey from Broome to Fitrzoy Crossing was about 400 kms, but with nearly 100 kms extra via Derby.  It was early afternoon when I arrived at Fitzroy Crossing, and I checked in with the local Visitor Centre, as I knew there was a tour of the nearby Geikie Gorge.  There was one due in the afternoon, so I headed off to the caravan park to book a cabin - and a nice one it was too!!  Upstairs though - above flood waters I was told.  Eeek.

The mighty Fitzroy does flood - but luckily that was not a problem on my journey.  The manager was not there, so I left a message and took off for the Gorge, which is 20 kms from Fitzroy Crossing.

The Gorge was a hive of activity - with rangers everywhere, and the grounds were being maintained.  My car was covered with grass clippings thrown up by the mowers when I returned to it!  I carefully walked through some of the bush - my eyes peeled for crocodiles or snakes.  

An aboriginal was waiting until groups arrived for the tour - and he rather rudely had an argument with them.  There was great confusion about the cost of the trip - apparently two groups run tours and we happened to be on the more expensive one with the narky tour guide.  One group of potential passengers left after arguing with him.  We other passengers were a bit shocked and initially wary of him, but he got over it and was quite amiably towards the rest of us.

It was a smallish boat that we boarded shortly after paying, and withour guide explaining the inidgenoous history and life in the area, we set out to see Geikie Gorge at sunset.  Certainly the views of the rock formations were spectacular.

Our little tour boat awaits.

The rock formations were spectacular.

The little boat took us for quite a sedate ride along the beautiful rock formations and the guide explained various indigenous stories, and special areas.  There is one area that he pointed out that only women are allowed to go.  There were a couple of small crocodiles, and other bird life that he pointed out before returning us safely to the park as the sun had almost disappeared.

I knew it was a "sunset" cruise but had not factored in the risk of driving the 20 kms back to Fitzroy Crossing in the dark.

I set off with great caution.  The road was narrow with tall grass on both sides of the roadway.  I hadn't gone far when a kangaroo brushed passed my car and hopped across the road in front of me.  Near miss.  Heart beating a little faster.  

Then another came along side the car, and I swear he was so close that he must have lost the whiskers on one side of his face!!!  Heart beating faster.  I had my headlights and high beam on and I was driving quite slowly.  It was pitch black in all directions.  The biggest scare was when a huge bull rushed from the tall grass into the path of my car.  I braked and missed.  I wonderd if I would make it back to Fitzroy Crossing and if not, if anyone would find me.

I made it back to "my cabin" safely, as you can guess, but did ponder the wisdom of a "dusk" tour in that area.   


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