Dawn of a New Day

I woke this morning around 5.30 am, looked out my window to see that it was fine and the sun had not arisen, so I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera climbed into the car, pressed the button to open the garage door and drove out into - rain.

As it turned out, it was just a shower and my windscream wipers scraped the raindrops from my windscreen until I arrived at the beach.  I grabbed my purple umbrella, but the rain stopped.

There was a bloke having his morning coffee in the shelter, and he commented too on the wonderful early morning vista as the sun peeped over the horizone.

Every few minutes the view changes - the sun moves a little, the clouds move a lot, the reflections change.  I like the "stairway to the sun" - reminding me of the tourist attraction on the north west coast of Western Australia in particular, where folk on dusk line the beach watching the sun go down, and later when the moon comes up, creating the "stairway to the moon.".


Di Hill said…
Thanks for your comment textilefiend.
alice said…
how fabulous to live so close to the sea! you are very lucky indeed. I do miss the seaside but am hoping to go to the beach over easter. your photos are breathtaking, glorious views, thanks for sharing :)
Di Hill said…
Yes, Alice, very lucky.

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